Emmanuel J. Eppinger

Undergrad at Carnegie Mellon (CMU) School of Computer Science (SCS), varsity NCAA swimmer for CMU. Currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Concentrating in Machine Learning and studying Pre-Law


Carnegie Mellon University

School of Computer Science

Oakland, Pennsylvania

Majoring in Computer Science, Concentrating in Machine Learning, Pre-Law

Scoring Member of CMU Varsity Swim Team: 2017 onwards, 2x NCAA B Cut Qualifier

Orientation Leader for Donner House and the School of Computer Science: 2019 onwards

Relevant Coursework:

Spring 2019:

10-315: Introduction to Machine Learning

21-484: Graph Theory

15-213: Introduction to Computer Systems

Fall 2018:

15-210: Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms

15-381: Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving

36-218: Probability Theory for Computer Scientists

Spring 2018:

15-150: Principles of Functional Programming

15-251: Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science

15-252: More Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science

Fall 2017:

15-122: Principles of Imperative Computation

15-151: Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science

15-131: Great Practical Ideas for Computer Science

21-241: Matrices and Linear Transformations

Winchester Thurston School

Winchester Thurston High School

Shadyside, Pennsylvania

4.37 weighted and 3.94 unweighted GPA

Specialized in advanced mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering

Completed AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism, AP Computer Science, Research Science, and Advanced Topics in Mathematics, AP Economics, Advanced Topics in Mathematics II, Algorithm Design, and AP English: Language and Composition

Participated in seven City as Our Campus Classes including Research Science, Democracy & Freedom, and Literature of the City of Pittsburgh.



Software Engineering Intern

Coming Summer 2019

Metapac: SuperPAC

Founder and Director

Started SuperPAC political organization with goal of working to improve education on election finance and research SuperPAC related research

CMU's Mobile Commerce Lab

Web Developer

Developed method for measuring location inside of buildings on Carnegie Mellon campuses using WiFi point metadata.

This allows for more accurate location measurement inside buildings where normal GPS is inaccurate under normal circumstances.

Winchester Thurston School Student-Led Investment Fund

Former President, Former Vice-President: 2013-2017

Managing $12,000 in a diverse portfolio of investments

Increased fund's profit margin by 90%+ over the course of 3 years

Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science: Robotics Institute

Internship in the Personal Robotics Lab: Summer 2016

Worked on Shared Autonomy to improve Human Robot Interactions, worked to extract facial data from users to predict bite timing and used eye tracking data to find key points on objects where users focus and what users expect when interacting with robot and environment.

Used ROS (Robot Operating System) to program HERB (Home Exploring Robotic Butler) to complete YCB Task of cleaning a table

Pittsburgh Public School's Summer Dreamers' Programs

Water Polo & Swim Instructor, Mentor, Tutor, Lifeguard: Summer 2015

Instructed at-risk youth, teaching life skills through the sports of Swimming and Water Polo

Tutored students in reading, writing, and other language arts skills

Worked to end 2nd leading cause of accidental death in at-risk kids: drowning


NCAA Swimming

20+ hours of practice per week

Scoring member of Carnegie Mellon Championship Team: 2018-2019

2x NCAA B Cut Qualifier in 1650 yard freestyle

USA Swimming

24 hours of practice per week

16-time Speedo Sectional Championship Series Qualifier: 5-time finalist (2015-2017)

6-time Member of the Allegheny Mountain Zone Championship Team: 5-time Finalist (2009-13)

3-time Allegheny Mountain Swimming Scholastic All American (2014-2016)

PIAA Swimming

WPIAL Champion (2016: 500 yd. Freestyle)

3-time WPIAL Runner-Up (2015: 500 yd. Freestyle, 2017: 500 yd. Freestyle & 200 yd IM)

5-time PIAA State Championship Qualifier: 4-time Finalist (2014-2017: 500 yd. Freestyle; 2016-2017 200 IM)

6-time WPIAL Qualifier: 5-time Finalist (2014-2017: 500 yd. Freestyle & 200 yd IM)

Four-Time Varsity Letterman


3-Time National NAQT Qualifier (2015-2017)

Part of 9th ranked US team (2017)

Career High 57.1 PP20TH

8th overall individual, PA State quizbowl championship (2015)

Project Descriptions

In my free time I like to work on fun side projects. I also participate in hackathons. If you are interested in them, I've listed the summaries for a few of them below. And if you would like to learn more, I've included some links you can go to.

15-213 Malloc Lab

For 15-213: Intro to Computer Systems' Malloc Lab, implemented fully functional memory allocator with highest memory utilization of all students in course.

Babble: 100% Offline, Self-Propagating Messaging for Low-Connectivity Areas

For PennAppsXVIII, built Babble, the world's first and only chat platform that is able to be installed, setup, and used 100% offline. This platform has a wide variety of use cases such as use in communities with limited internet access like North Korea, Cuba, and Somalia. Additionally, this platform would be able to maintain communications in disaster situations where internet infrastructure is damaged or sabotaged. ex. Warzones, Natural Disasters, etc.

I built offline install using Android Beam over NFC. One of the main challenges was dealing with the way that Android Beam sends installable files. Debugging that was probably the most challenging aspect of the hack that I was entirely responsible for.

Project Video:

Demo Video:

538 NFL ELO Optimization Game

As part of 538's NFL ELO game prediction competition, improved upon the 538 NFL ELO prediction model by optimizing home field advantage across 50+ years of historically NFL games.

Quel: Schedule Optimizer for Students

Calendar optimization tool for CMU students. Built a scheduling algorithm using probabilistic optimization and machine-learning to find optimal work schedule given a student’s course schedule, course load, and work habits

Gighub: Onestop Website for Complete Concert Experience Booking

As part of team working on Tartanhacks 2018, built Gighub, a website that allows for complete concert experience from tickets to hotels to transport in fewer than 5 clicks

Measuring Location on CMU Campuses using WiFi Metadata

Developed method for measuring location inside of buildings on Carnegie Mellon campuses using WiFi point metadata. This allows for more accurate location measurement inside buildings where normal GPS is inaccurate under normal circumstances.


Project for potential startup. Developing unique method using advanced AI to embed product-placement-type ads into user-generated content. AVAncemos allows advertisers to show brand loyalty easily and efficiently without expensive ad campaigns. Particularly effective for Exposure advertising. Patent Pending. Checkout Our GitHub!!

Using Housing Data to Identify and Predict Gentrification

Independent big data research project. Developed a unique Gentrification Index that quantifies gentrification in a geographical region. Allows for gentrification to be identified historically and potentially allows for gentrification to be identified as it occurs. Recognized by Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Data Works, Pittsburgh Super-Computing Center, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, and IBM Watson Research Lab. Checkout The Project Portfolio!!

Passive Self-Tessellating Unit as Cost Efficient Reservoir Cover

Junior engineering project. Developed cost efficient reservoir cover to reduce water loss due to evaporation in drought-stricken and water-scarce areas. This solution costs one tenth of current comparable solutions. Achieved this by designing a self-assembling reservoir system with no moving parts or electronic components. Currently working to implement in California. Patent Pending. Checkout My Project Portfolio!! View latest manuscript for Peer Reviewed Journals

Live Demo:

Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley (YCB) Task in Table Cleaning

As part of Internship at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute: Personal Robotics Lab, programmed HERB (Home Exploring Robotic Butler) to complete YCB task in table cleaning. Used robotic planning algorithms to manipulate high degree of freedom robotic arm in complex and changing environment.

Pittsburgh Parking Optimization Smart Phone Application

Developing an Android app that uses a device's GPS location to determine most efficient parking location. Previously worked on method for interfacing with ParkPGH app to enable users extended parking times and decrease parking rates in the City of Pittsburgh. Checkout The Project GitHub!!

Numericality of Solutions for N-Queens Problem and Mathematical Formula for Intelligent Square Ranking

Developed computationally efficient method for intelligent ranking of squares for N-Queens problem. This method allows for more efficient computation of single solution to N-Queens problem for significantly larger N. Additionally, created efficient algorithm to compute number of solutions given any N. Computed values for large N, upto N=19. Checkout My Project Portfolio!!

Bacterial Genome Modification Efficiency

Independent research project. Determined ideal plasmid concentration for maximal bacterial genome transformation efficiency. Received Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Director’s Award for Excellence in Microbiological Research. Recognized by Bayer HealthCare Corporation for Medical Research and Innovation. Checkout My Project Portfolio!!